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One of the most recognizable classical music photographers in Poland. Video maker, performer, painter and medical historian.

He graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and The Film School in Łódź.

In his documentation work Grzegorz Mart seeks for an aura of an event. As an artist active both in visual and performative arts, he creates documentations which not only record events but also re-create the emotions connected with them. Thanks to his artistic work in music field (video art and stream art, video-compositions), his video and photo documentations of concerts, backstages and rehearsals as well as portraits of musicians and conductors were appreciated by the most important music institutions.

Grzegorz Mart, fot. Jakub Katarzyński

fot. Jakub Katarzyński

  • The Warsaw Philharmonic - The National Orchestra and Choir of Poland

  • NOSPR - Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

  • Warsaw Autumn. Festival of Contemporary Music

  • Festival of Premieres Polish Modern Music

  • The Sacrum Profanum Festival

and many others

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